Logos & Branding

The following is a collection of branding materials and logos for various clients.

Chronicler Studio not only designs the initial necessities for branding (your logo, color scheme selection, typography treatments, letterhead/envelopes, business cards...), but also can help you implement these design guidelines in print and on the web.

That means layout for flyers, brochures, one-pagers, reports, proposals, landing pages, full-blown websites (check out our web-based work here), email design, advertisements for social media, icon sets, and more.

And if you let us draw pictures for your brand, we'll really get along.


Logo, identity and brand illustration for HBC Energy Capital, a firm that finds capital for clean energy + energy efficiency projects.

hbc energy capital web illustration

Logo development for Manitos, a charity organization based in the US that collects donations for health centers in Paraguay that treat childhood cancer.

manitos business card logo

Logo development for Bitter East, a Soviet-themed coffee shop.


Logo and identity system for Dignity Period, a charity organization based in St. Louis that distributes menstrual hygiene supplies and creates educational materials for Ethiopian women and girls.


amta logo and lynx landing page web

Landing page for Lynx, a healthcare company with branches in the US and Belgium.

lynx landing page

Logo, identity system and report design for Harcourt Brown & Carey, consultants for the clean energy + energy efficiency industry.

hbc branding 1
hbc branding 2

Logo and branding system for Physician Leadership LLC, a Denver-based career coaching firm for physicians.

physician leadership llc branding

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