Specialty Design

A few examples of our more out-of-the-box commissions.


Custom Invitations

Custom invitation design for a very special occasion: an 80th birthday party and square dance.

Custom invitations for an annual fundraising gala for the nonprofit Dignity Period.


Custom Stationery

During my time in Florence, I was drawn to pieces of the city that were subliminally beautiful. In particular, I noticed that every street vent had a decorative grate, transforming a potential eyesore into a piece of art.

From this glimmer of inspiration, I designed 16 greeting cards featuring these grates (see photos of some of the grates below). The set is packaged in a box with one of Florence's simpler grate patterns to reveal the beautiful interior patterns. Each grate is featured in isolation on the cards' interior, while the exterior of each is a repetition or combination of the isolated grate image inside.

The inspiration for the project came from Florentine street grates like these.


Specialty Merchandise

T-shirt designs with a good reminder to seek discomfort and to say "yes" to more things. Available as prints, T-shirts and other merchandise in my shop.

Seek Discomfort t-shirt.jpg
YES t-shirt.jpg