Interaction Design work

Brands vary in how much print vs. web-based marketing they use, but one thing is for certain: everyone needs a digital presence nowadays. That could range from having a basic website, to creating an app for your business, to implementing multimedia advertising to expand your reach. Chronicler Studio can serve your interactive project from conception to launch, or we can team up with you to contribute pieces to your project. This includes site maps, content strategy, custom icon design, brand illustration and graphics, a landing page, and UX/UI.

Interested in branding for print?

Brand illustrations for HBC Energy Capital. Directed the user experience (UX) and collaborated on site design with YDO.Media.
Click to enlarge.Visit the live site here.


Website design and custom illustration for a global mergers & acquisitions firm based in New Zealand and France. Click to enlarge.

Website designed collaboratively with Glantz Design in Evanston, Illinois. Henry's Swing Club is a Chicago bar that opened in summer 2014. Visit the live site here.

Website design for Reminderly, a software for appointment reminders and monitoring customer service and satisfaction. Click to enlarge.


UX/UI for Reminderly Web App

This interface is for businesses to set up interactions with customers and monitor their feedback.


Mini-Sites or Landing Pages Landing Page

Designed for an international healthcare consulting company

Website design for an energy efficiency consulting firm.

Portfolio site for Syrian photographer in France, Assem Hamsho

assem hamsho photography portfolio

Portfolio site for Syrian photographer based in France, Manar Bilal

manar bilal photography portfolio

Digital problem-solving.

Chronicler Studio can manage your web-based project so you have great search engine optimization (SEO), your content is succinct and relevant, and your website is responsive. Get in touch.